Xavax Washing Maschine Discaler 250 Ml


Xavax Washing Maschine Discaler 250 Ml

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  • Removes lime from all important parts of your washing machine
  • Dissolves already encrusted calcareous deposits on heating rods, hoses and valves
  • Optimizes the heat output and saves energy since the machine heats up faster
  • Calcareous deposits do not come any longer into the laundry, the wash result is improved
  • Protects plastic and rubber parts

    Note for Consumers:

  • Pour the content of the bottle directly in the empty drum or the dispenser drawer, after filling in the descaler please start the programme for the main wash with 60°C and let the programme run, if the washing machine is heavily calcified repeat the decalcification

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  • Gebruiksdoel: Wasmachine

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