Xavax Afstandsbediening Feelsafe Alarmsysteem


Xavax Afstandsbediening Feelsafe Alarmsysteem

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  • Compact remote control for controlling the FeelSafe wireless alarm system
  • Remote control for controlling the alarm system inside and outside the house
  • 4-button remote control with 4 modes (activation/deactivation, alarm and home) and a panic function for immediate activation of the alarm

    Note for Consumers:

  • The batteries must not be corroded or leaky as this can cause permanent damage to the product
  • Make sure to insert the batteries correctly (polarity!)
  • Do not use new and old batteries together or batteries of different types
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Correctly dispose of empty or used batteries (recycling), dispose of them separately from domestic waste, do not burn them
  • Exchange used batteries straightaway


  • Danger of personal injuries: prolonged exposure to the alarm tone can cause permanent hearing damage

  • Verbinding: Draadloos
  • Materiaal: Kunststof
  • Aantal Batterijen: 1
  • Stroomtoevoer: Batterij
  • Bereik: 60 m
  • Kleur: Wit

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